Vårt forhold til naturen har alltid opptatt meg. Jeg har flere innganger til temaet, med naturbilder som handler om mer enn naturens egenverdi. Jeg har lenge arbeidet med å formidle naturens skjønnhet og forholdet mellom menneske og natur, med ønske om å vise naturen som uttrykk for både ytre og indre «landskap». Se gjerne album Nature I og Nature II.

Stadig mer handler det om erkjennelsen av naturens sårbarhet og skjebne med trusler fra mange hold. Om våre ukloke angrep på det som er jordas vilkår for å være levelig for oss, med alvorlige konsekvenser som global oppvarming og hyppige naturkatastrofer. Problemstillingene har jeg undersøkt i flere serier, om avskoging, smelting av breer, spredning av uønskede arter, og tørke. Se albumene Climate Change I – IV.

Inntrykk fra oppveksten er en sterk inspirasjon, tett på Vestlandets natur og kultur som ung, senere med mangfoldige erfaringer også fra andre land. Disse inntrykkene er stadig tilbakevendende som basis for mitt arbeid, sammen med dagsaktuelle hendelser og samfunnsutviklingen generelt.

Bildet er mitt hoveduttrykk, med akryl og mixed media på lerret, og de grafiske teknikkene collographi (reliefftrykk), linoleumssnitt og monotypi - gjerne sammen med installasjoner av tekstil og funnede objekter.

English version:

Our relationship to nature is the superior theme of my work, aiming to create recognition and reflection on the significance of nature. I have several approaches to the field, with nature images concerning more than nature's intrinsic value.

It all started out with the desire to convey my experiences of nature as pleasure, giving peace and recreation, beauty and colours. Nature is both mild and wild, with contrasts between the seasons - and therefore between light and darkness. In this “room” several of my early works took form, often in an intuitive and abstract pictorial expression, with the intention of creating a mood more than a realistic reality. Both earlier and new works are represented in the album Nature I.

As well, my work addresses the relationship between man and nature, where I want to convey nature as an expression of both exterior and interior "landscapes". By choice of motives and picture titles with multiple depths of meanings, I want to awaken reflection. There are many references in Art History to nature and natural phenomena used as symbols for human experiences. My move towards this content of work started early, with the series "Blues" and "Energy" and "Into our garden ..." with reference to literary use of gardens and flowers as illustrations of human diversity. This approach is still present, as in the series "Sure it hurts when buds are bursting ... “, view album Nature II.

Increasingly my work concerns the recognition of nature's fate with threats from human activities. About the consequences of global warming, the spread of unwanted species, melting of glaciers and tundra, and frequent natural disasters caused by changing climate. It is also about growing disparities in living conditions for the world's population. I have handled these issues both in new and previous works with titles like "Burning Sun" and "Melting Ice". More recent titles include the series "Beautiful but unwanted - ...", "Divided" and "National Romantics 2014," presented in albums Nature - North and Nature South.

Impressions from childhood are still a strong inspiration, close to the Western part of Norway’s nature and culture as a young, later with diverse experiences from other countries. These impressions are recurrent as basis for my work, along with current events and developments in society in general.

The picture is my artistic expression, with acrylic and mixed media on canvas and the graphic techniques collographi (relief printing), linoleum cuts and monotype. I have long thrived in the ambiguous space between abstraction and figuration, however in recent years I have used clearer figurative elements in both paintings and graphics to enhance the narrative in my works. I am still concerned about moods, sensuality in the motives and the tactility of surfaces - more than reproducing a realistic reality.